Three facts I have are that Aberfoyle Park High School is the first school in the country to be registered as a game developer under it’s own name, Python is a coding language and that the school has 7 registered games that anyone in the world can play.

Two understandings I have are that coding at a young age will help you understand what It is when you need to use it and coding is using different letters or blocks to make something happen on a digital object.

A question I have is that how many coding websites are there and which one is the easiest?

100WC #10 …but where would we hide it all?…

It was glinting in the torchlight. All those chocolates just waiting there for me to take. But then I realised the most obvious question where would we hide it all? Then the answer came to me I could hide it under my bed! I stuffed it down my shirt and sneaked out the door and into my room. Now, have you seen my room? Have you seen my bed? Well if you have multiply that mess by 24 and that is how messy underneath my bed is. I reached under my bed and felt a spider. Do you want to know how much I hate spiders?

100WC#8 flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

Today was the day. It was the day that we were waiting for, we had celebrated on the beach last night, going swimming and watching the flames crackle in the fire. Because tomorrow we were going to the snow! Now let me tell you about snow, snow is a white glistening wonderland where you can ski down slopes and snowboard down mountains. You can sleep on bunks in your lodge and have hot chocolates every day. The snow is where you can have the most epic snowball fights of your lifetime. That is why I love going to the snow.

100WC #7 …as the door slammed, I knew…

Bang, Bang, Bang. “Keep going, knock the door down”. “Crash” went the door as it fell down. “Go, go, go,  go, take him alive boys” I shouted. As the last of my SWAT team went into the gangster’s hide out, I went in as well and found the gangster tied to a chair in his laundry. “Please, I just need to get one more thing from the living room” he pleaded. “Okay, but be quick because you’re going to jail”. I said as he left the room, but as the door slammed, I knew he had escaped us.

100WC #6

I have just thought of the perfect thing to make people look and stare and say “what is that thing” and just stand there looking at it ,deep in thought. It is (drum roll please), a person’s gumboots just sticking out of the water in a pond. It is perfect, just the thing that would make people’s imagination run wild to think about all the things that could have happened to the sculptor to have him make this very interesting sculpture. Just then a man fell in to the pond, looking very much like the sculpture.

BTN Let the electricity flow

3 facts I have are that 1.Stephen Gray divided the world into two different kinds of substances conductors and insulators. 2.300 years ago Stephen Gray created a machine that could generate static electricity. 3.Glass, ceramic objects and silk are just some of the materials that insulate electricity.

2 understandings that I have now are that 1.Insulators hold the electric charge and 2.conductors let the electricity move freely.

A question I have is that why did Gray use an orphan to lie across the swings and not a random person?

100WC #47

Big foot, Sasquatch, yeti, abominable snowman all names for a big monster that lives “unknown” to humans. Only a few people have ever come into contact with these beasts and even then they are not sure that they know they are real. My name is Bob Jeffery Jimmy Jones AKA BJJJ and I hope to be the journalist to reveal the truth in the Bigfoot mystery. An advantage I have that other reporters don’t, is that Bigfoot visited my town . . . yesterday. Tonight I decided to get on Bigfoot’s trail. Something moved in the darkness but then I lost consciousness.

100WC#46 … then suddenly it went dark…

I was playing video games on my computer, then suddenly it went darkmy computer’s screen went dark, MY COMPUTER’S SCREEN WENT DARK!!!!! Do you know what happens when my computer screen goes dark?!? Well the computer tends to delete every thing on the HARD DRIVE!!! I know this because it has happened to me, 17 times! Every single one of those times I had to restart my computer and start again!!! Uploading all the games and all the apps and redoing all the homework that was a work-in-progress. And that is why I really hate it when my computers screen goes DARK!!!

100WC #44

It was minus 7° on the ice breaker,  I was ready to go to observe seals in their natural habitat, Antarctica. All of a sudden I heard a very weird noise, kind of like a sheep baaing,  curiously I went around to the other side of the ship to see what was making the really weird noise. As I got there I realised that a few of the other crew had heard the sound as well and had come to have a look. I went to the edge of the railing and looked onto the rocks. Sitting there was a seal, laughing.


100WC #43 Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin

I woke up to the sound of my sister’s really annoying scarlet violin. I propped myself up on my cushion and got out of bed. I opened the window next to my bed and watered my yellow tulips and red roses hanging in the flower box off my window sill. After I had finished watering my flowers I found myself looking at the sky. I saw lots of dark grey clouds moving across the sky. I reached out of the window and felt some drops of water on my hand. I quickly shut the window and went to tell my family.