New Senate

3 facts- There are eight new senators. Ricky Miur did not own a suit until he got into the senate. The new senators have more power than some political veterans.

2 understandings- sometimes the government needs help from minor partys. There are going to be some interesting changes in the balence of power.

1 question- What type of changes did Palmer United want to make to the carbon tax bill?

100WC #11

Lightning flashed and thunder roared as I was talking to my mum on the phone. Suddenly the connection broke. “Oh no” I said as the rain lashed out at me. “How will I get home now with no one to call?” I said my voice shivering in the cold. Suddenly a car came racing down the street towards me then it stopped and some one with a hood on got out. ‘Hop in” they said and my legs just started walking to the car, the hooded person got in the driver seat, as they drove away they turned around “Surprise!!!”

BTN Magna Carta

3 facts-He was called King John the Bad. He was the youngest brother. King John and the barons met at a place called Runnymede to make Magna Carta.

2 understandings- The barons made a document named Magna Carta wich was a set of rules. That you can still find it’s influence in Australian law.

1 question- How did King John lose so much of his empire?



100 WC #10 the three observers

It was night in the plaza when three mysterious men gathered for one of the meetings of the neutral gang the three observers. “So Jim did anyone do anything funny today?” “no how about you?”. “Well there was one man trying to make his baby laugh but he only succeeded in making his wife laugh! Little did they know that in the shadows a human wearing dark clothes was watching them and was soon to be stealthy making his way back to his boss. Then at the headquarters the rival gang leader was awaiting the arrival from his useful spy.

Freezy vs Technofreak 100wc#9

It was day in the Arctic but it was still freezing, even inside the top secret lab that Freezy was making. “mwhaaaaahahaha” laughed Freezy “soon I will be the most powerful person in the universe”. Crash! The door flew across the room and hit the opposite wall. Then a robotic SWAT team swarmed in with handguns in hand “everyone against the wall” they said as Technofreak strutted in. Suddenly KABOOM! Freezy had detonated a hidden bomb! “Suckers” said Freezy as he ran outside onto the helipad “ouch” groaned Technofreak as he got up and raced after Freezy.     To Be Continued…