BTN tax change

3 facts-

  1. The first nation-wide income tax was made in 1915 to help fund World War 1.
  2. Last financial year the income tax bought in a massive 257 billion dollars!
  3. Some people might move their homes to escape the high income tax.

2 understandings-

  1. The Prime Minister wanted to give some control over income taxes to the state and territory government.
  2. The government suggested a big change because some of the premiers and chief ministers are complaining that they do not get enough money to cover all the things they need.

1 question- why was income tax made / invented?

100wc #14

After school one day my friends dared me to put my hand into the box they had prepared. I reached in and felt something cold, wet and slimy. As I pulled it out I saw that it was a slug in my hand. “Uurrhh” I said as I threw it away. Everybody laughed. The next day the whole school was calling me “scaredy slug” as a joke. And in class some boys were acting out me throwing the slug away and then breaking into silent laughter. When I got home somebody must have told my brothers because they too, were teasing me.

100wc #13

“Paintball” “splotch” a paintball hit the wall right behind me. “Yikes” I said and fired back immediately “yes” l muttered as I hit the other person in the chest and continued firing at the other team. Eventually the paintball fight stopped and both teams went in to have lunch when I was scrubbing all the paint off the walls one spot of paint just grew and grew the more that I scrubbed it. Then instead of using a sponge I used a mop with soap and water but even that did not get the paint of! So I just left it there.

BTN Indigenous Parliament

3 facts- Some indigenous people go to school faraway from their home. Canberra is a lot different to where most aborigines come from. There are some issues aboriginal community’s face.

2 understandings- some indigenous people want to find out about the Australian parliament. There were only 28 indigenous members of parliament in history.

1 question- why was it a big step in making the National Indigenous Youth Parliament.