100WC #20

It was always busy at the work place. Every day there was someone there working, even on weekends. But only one man stayed full time and that man was a statue. Though he was a statue he could still hear what was going on in the building. Because the statue was fitted with tiny microphones that were also connected to the contact lenses on his eyes as well. Most people thought it was just a funny sight but not always. So remember if you see a statue it does not mean that it can’t hear or see you as well!

This piece of writing also relates to my classroom learning on narratives.



3 facts-

  1. Not all Aussie school kids are lucky enough to have a space to play.
  2. Marrickville Primary School wanted a change so they decided to enter the My Park Rules competition.
  3. Around 100 schools around Australia entered the competition.

2 understandings-

  1. For over 40 weeks a year the locals are attempting to play on Singleton Oval. But they can’t because there’s no grass.
  2. The My Park Rules competition asked kids around the country to design their ultimate play area. Now their dreams are going to become a reality.

1 question-

  1. why was only one school chosen why not two?

100WC #19

It was cold and everybody was freezing, the only thing that kept us from being ice blocks was a single candle and just then the flame flickered and then went out. “Gosh it was cold” and now that the candle had gone out everyone else in the igloo hugged each other using body warmth instead. Luckily I had some extra matches in one of my many pockets, so I lit the candle again, and then the igloo was filled with warmth. Relaxed I went back to writing the journal of all my journeys across the great and wonderful world.


This piece of writing also relates to my classroom learning on narratives.

BTN Mangrove Warning

3 facts-

  1. Mangroves are a special type of plant that live where the land meets the sea.
  2. Mangroves can survive in water that’s up to 100 times saltier than most other plants can handle!
  3. Mangroves store up to five times more carbon than a regular forest.

2 understandings-

  1. Australia has more than 11 thousand kilometers of mangrove forests.
  2. Nearly half of our mangroves are in the Northern Territory

1 question-

  1. Why do the mangroves live next to water?

THE GOALS (and one reflection)!


Goals for semester 1

I want to learn how to do vertical multiplication/division, how to use a dictionary efficiently and how to use technology faster. And the examples that would show that I am trying to meet my goal are listening in class intently, concentrating on my own work and expanding my memory. I learn and behave by looking at the person who is speaking and by using body movements when talking to show expression.

Goals for semester 1 reflection

I learnt about how to do vertical multiplication in maths but I still feel more comfortable with the area model. I also learnt how to use technology faster because of all the Ctrl’s and Shifts. In my writing I have learnt how to make and fix up a narrative or persuasive text and also how to structure them as well. I have also learnt to argue against a topic that I agree with. I also want to learn how to put my hand up more to show that I am listening and not just letting the words go in one ear and out the other.

Goals for semester 2

I would like to learn how to do narrative pieces with a first, second and third person view. I would also like to finish all set work on time and speak up in class more. In maths I want to learn how to solve worded problems in a group or on my own. I would like to do some physical maths like how long it takes you to run around the oval or school. I think that I should pick other people instead of just my friends for the R.O.C.C. and Learning Star awards.

100WC #18

It was a restless night for me in my Orange Pyjamas, the noise of the Thunder was so loud. But even that was not the worst bit, the Silence in between was deafening and then the sound of thunder rumbled on. When the morning came around my thoughts still Swam crazily in my head of last night’s storm. When we got out of the tent it was an absolute disaster area, all around us trees were broken down with leaves and branches floating downstream. There was chaos everywhere. This was totally the exact opposite of yesterday’s calm morning!


This piece of writing relates to my classroom learning on narratives.We have been learning  to not figure out the setting or characters first because sometimes you need the setting to fit the stony not the other way round.

My Prepared Speech

This is my prepared speech on. . . . . . .

Why do we make houses from wood or bricks and what are the benefits of each!


We make houses out of wood and brick because they are both robust solids.  And cannot easily be bent, so that they hold the shape of the house that they were built for unlike other things like paper, plastic, glass or clothing materials.


Brick Home Benefits are…

It adds a nice look on home.

It has a more sophisticated look.

It adds value on to home.

It’s easier to sell the house when the time comes.

It’s also great for cold weather because it retains the natural heat for longer.

Brick is fireproof and termite proof so you do not have to worry about those two things damaging your home.


Wood Home Advantages are…

A more traditional look.

It’s more affordable to pay for.

It’s also Lightweight, a Great insulator, a Natural air conditioner and it is also more flexible

than brick.


And that is my speech on why we make houses from wood or bricks and not things like paper, plastic, glass or other clothing materials.

Thank you.


I got the information from -http://www.massrealty.com/articles/brick-homes-vs-wood-homes.

BTN -Recycling Scheme

3 facts-

  1. South Aussies recycle around 590 million cans and bottles a year.
  2. The recycled materials can be made into things like aeroplane parts or roads.

  3. Every year, hundreds of millions of cans and bottles end up in places they shouldn’t be.

2 understandings-

  1. In South Australia they recycle more than any other state because they offer a 10c refund for every bottle and can.
  2. By turning your rubbish into money it can have a big effect on the environment.

1 question-

  1. Could it cause conflict if the rubbish has a price?

100WC #17

Back at home I was a celebrity but now my whole life has been turned upside down ever since I took the stairway to the sky…  When I first saw the stairway I thought it would be a wonderful place up in the sky but as soon as I got there I knew that I had made a big mistake. Instead of heaven it was quite the opposite. Luckily there was nobody up the stairs so I was all by myself, but as soon as I got to the top I could not get back down because there was an invisible barrier.

BTN Ivory Trade

3 facts-

  1. Last week 100 million dollars worth of ivory went up in flames.
  2. Africa is home to 500 thousand elephants, but 25-30 are killed every year.
  3. Ivory is used to make things e.g. ornaments, jewellery and sculptures.

2 understandings-

  1. Poaching has turned elephants into refugees.
  2. Not everyone agrees that burning ivory is a good idea.

1 question-

  1. Why do poachers aim to kill as many elephants as they can?