100WC #2

When I first saw the picture I knew it was magical because of two telltale signs. One the leaves in the picture were moving and two everything was the ‘wrong’ colour for example grass, instead of being green was red and the sky instead of being blue was white!

It looked like it was straight out of a fairy tale like The Magic Faraway Tree or Little Red Riding Hood, those types of stories. I wonder what type of characters or problems this wood would have. I also wonder if it will be in a series or on its own.

My goal was to have some text-to-text connections.

BTN Deadly earthquakes

3 facts-

  1. New Zealand has been hit by two earthquakes in just six months.
  2. The 2011 earthquake killed more than 100 people.
  3. On the first of March the second earthquake happened, in that six months between September 2010 and March 2011.

2 understandings-


  1. Christchurch was where both earthquakes happened.
  2. The 2011 earthquake had a magnitude of 6.3,and Septembers 7.1.

1 question-

  1. Why can’t experts predict earthquakes?

BTN SEED BANK Persuasive text

First of all, my opinion is that the seed bank is not a waste of money because what if “doomsday” actually happens! How will we get back all the extinct plants, and what if we need them!

Secondly some plants can treat cancer like the graviola and other plants like the cannabis or basil can also treat cancer.

Thirdly if some food plants like wheat are wiped out how are we going to feed those people that rely on that food.

Finally I am 99.9% sure that other people including myself will agree that this “seed bank ” is not a waste of money and hope that you do too.

100wc #1 (term 3)

From the ice on the ground to the sunshine in the sky every thing was amazing when you looked closely. As I emerged from the back door to feed my dog, some frightened birds flew past the purple toy car. I thought how nice it is to have a big backyard. At that moment I also thought about the people who didn’t have these luxury items. “Life must be kind of sad to not have these things and to actually appreciate having them. I also thought about the homeless and how they would feel about this funny matter.

My goal is to incorporate things that happen in my life into the challenge.


3 facts-

  1. The relationship between Muslim and Indigenous Australians is a bond that actually goes back hundreds of years.

Over the years, Muslim cameleers lived side-by-side with Aboriginal people. The cameleers traded sugar, tea, clothing and metal tools with them. Many became friends and some even got married.

  1. Today, there are more than a thousand Indigenous Australian Muslims living around the country.

2 understandings-

  1. Back in the 1800s, European settlers wanted to explore the middle of Australia but they soon realised their horses wouldn’t quite fulfil the requirements. So, they turned to the experts of desert exploration, camels.
  2. In the 1930s the 4 wheel drive car made desert travel a lot easier. The camels lost their jobs as a type of transport in the desert, then they grew in number and became feral.

1 question-

  1. Why did the Europeans explore for so long?