100WC #7

It was amazing. In fact it was completely fascinating watching the tight ropers just walk across the tiny rope like it was on the ground. Not hovering 30 meters off the ground! I whispered to myself in awe. Then suddenly the crowd roared it’s appreciation to the tight rope walkers as they moved off the stage. The clowns came on in a car that seemed to be a toy push car with a motor. As the clowns came on I also saw another clown come on with an air horn. “Hooooonnnk” it sounded and all the clowns fell out of the car.

My goal was to add some tier 1,2 and 3 language into my writing.


3 facts-

  1.  The 1960s is remembered for a lot of things. But one of the biggest events of the decade was actually a war in a tiny country called Vietnam.
  2.  Throughout the war almost 60,000 Australians served.
  3.   Altogether 521 Australians died and more than 3000 were wounded in the fighting in Vietnam.

2 understandings-

  1.  After the war many Australian troops returned home to criticism from those who opposed the war in Vietnam.
  2.  But there was still one positive to come out of this war. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese people fled here to escape the North’s rule and were taken into Australia as refugees.

1 question-

  1.  Why were Australian solders criticised on coming back from Vietnam?


The day was quite extraordinary especially when a black flamingo poked it’s head underneath the bottom of the glass bottomed boat. It actually gave me a fright to see that big black head just suddenly appear in my full view. I stumbled backwards as I caught sight of the lost legend of the dark flamingo. Then yet again I was pushed back as my whole boat crew (except the driver) rushed to look at the legend. It was amazing getting to see a living legend with my own eyes, but that excitement soon turned to sadness as I realised nothing could last forever.

My goal is was to not make all my stories “fairy tales” and have some real life inventions incorporated into it.


3 facts-

  1. More than two million Australians had already submitted their census survey data before the site was shutdown.
  2. Experts say there are a few reasons why that information would be really valuable to criminals.
  3. The ABS says it shut down the entire census site when it became clear there were problems, and the government minister in charge says no one should be worried because no personal data was accessed; in fact, he said it four times.

2 understandings-

  1. The Australian Bureau of Statistics or ABS, which organises the census, says it was forced to shut down the site after it was notified four times of something called a DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service.
  2. A lot of Aussies are now even less sure about filling out the census than they were before. Some chose to fill it in by paper just in case.

1 question-

  1. When and how are they going to reschedule the census?

CAMP RESPONSE – The Early Morning

It was crazy, just crazy. I said to myself as I got dressed at 6:45 am. Why do I have to get up so early?! I mean why! Is it because we have to leave school at 8:00am and get to school by 7:30am! “Yes, probably, anyway”.

If the bus trip is 10 hours long you would need to leave at 8:00am to get there by 6:00pm and then eat dinner, brush your teeth and go to bed by 9:30pm!The next morning we ate breakfast and got ready to go to the National Museum of Australia.

For the rest of our days in Canberra it was pretty much the same thing. Getting up and going to places like Questacon, the AIS, the NGA, old and new parliament house and the war memorial where the school captains laid a wreath there and then on the 5th day in Canberra we went on the 10 hour bus trip home!



3 facts-

  1. In the last 47 years, mankind has walked on the moon, built space stations, sent probes to investigate far off planets.
  2. Back in the 1960s, the United Nations created the Outer Space Treaty.
  3. In 2017 a business called ‘Moon Express’ wants to land a robotic probe on the moon and also wants to set up a mine there as well.

2 understandings-

  1. Some people reckon letting private companies take a slice of the space pie could open up the world to amazing new possibilities and discoveries. Others say we need to start thinking about how to keep things fair and under control.
  2. Space mining is still a long way off but it’s already raising some questions about what should and shouldn’t be allowed to happen in space. Because you might not even realise, but there’s already such a thing as International Space Law!

1 question-

  1. Why are people going up to the stars, and not down to the ground, because we haven’t even explored earth properly yet?!

100WC #5

It was a wonderful day in my garden. It was around mid afternoon when I stared into the water, it began to turn green like an alien spaceship had shone a search light on it. For some reason my attention was drawn to the waterlilies like how Monet painted waterlilies. I know that Monet painted waterlilies because I went on an excursion to the national gallery of Australia, Canberra. It was so fun, even though the bus trip was 10 hours long! I went to loads of amazing places like Questacon, the war memorial and old and new parliament house.

100wc #3

It was a crazy day at work, but then again, it always is. But this day was probably the craziest because I had just been told that a big and well organised terrorist organisation were trying to capture me because I had just donated 3 million dollars to fight against their society. As soon as I left the building I thought ‘but how would I know if they were trying to attack me’. How would I recognise the warning signs? Like is a piano falling out of a window considered a warning sign, or is it just an accident? Who knows? 

My goal is to add some rhetorical questions into my writing.


3 facts-

  1. The Haiti earthquake measured in at 7, whereas the Chile Earthquake measured in at 8.8.
  2. The Chile earthquake only lasted around a minute, but during that time it released so much energy, it even changed the earth’s rotation very slightly.
  3. No city can be 100 percent safe in the event of a quake.

2 understandings-

  1. One earthquake hit the island of Haiti, 250,000 people were killed and many more injured. A month later another earthquake, 500 times more powerful, hits the country of Chile but the toll from this disaster may only reach as high as 500.
  2. Quakes are measured on the Richter scale, which gives you an idea of how much damage they can do. As the number increases the energy released by the quake multiplies by thirty.

1 question-

  1. Why do some countries have reinforced buildings and others don’t if no one is 100% safe from earthquakes?