100WC #1 (joined by the USA and UK)

The race was about to start. All the racers were at the starting line. Bang! Went the starting gun and all the racers went off at 8 kilometres per hour! “Well what a start”. I thought. It was a good start for a 50 kilometre walk. Half an hour later I was down to 5 kilometres per hour and I was 17th out of 30 people. So I was going pretty well so far then suddenly I felt a burst of speed and moved forward to grab some sponges wring them out on my head. Soon enough there was another burst of speed and I came 15th!

My goal was to add things about the Olympics into my writing.


3 facts-

  1. Back in 2010, BP was involved in the world’s biggest ever oil spill. Around eight hundred thousand litres of oil started spilling into the ocean every day and it took months before it was finally stopped.
  2. Some people are worried that a similar disaster to the one that happened in 2010 could happen in the Great Australian Bight, while others just worry that the oil rigs will disturb the sea life that call the area home.
  3. Right now, BP, a big fossil fuel company, is asking for approval from the South Australian government to start drilling for oil in the Bight.

2 understandings-

  1. Oil takes millions of years of pressure and dead plants and animals piling up at the bottom of the ocean to form. That’s why it’s found deep underground and sometimes even under the sea.

  2. Oil is one of the most valuable resources on planet earth. It’s used by billions of people to create electricity, make roads and power all different kinds of transport.

1 question-

  1. Why take the risk of having another spill why not just use solar panels or windmills?