Literacy Circles

When you are the connector in literacy circles you need to come up with 2 connections out of text-to-self, text-to- world and text-to-text connections. You can’t have two of the same connection. Your homework is to read the chapters/book and make the connections with your own life, the world or another text.

BTN – The ancient study of astronomy

3 facts-

  1. Babylon was a city-town located near the modern day Baghdad.
  2. The Maya were a group of Mesoamerican Indians.
  3. Ptolemy created the Ptolemaic system.

2 understandings-

  1. Modern astronomy owes a great deal to ancient people.
  2. Babylon was the birth place of one of the earliest forms of horoscopic astronomy.

1 question-

  1. How did Hipparchus discover the precession of the equinoxes?

Term 3 Unit Reflection

Section 1

Our unit this term was natural disasters. We had to do an information report with 4-6 questions that we made up. I did volcanoes as my natural disaster. To see my information report click information-report-volcanoes.

3 facts that I found interesting or surprising are:

  1. Most natural disasters are natural but some can be man made e.g: bush fires can be caused by cigarettes or unattended campfires.
  2. Some natural disasters can cause other natural disasters e.g: underwater earthquakes cause tsunamis.
  3. If you study natural disasters in depth they can be fascinating.

2 understandings I now have are:

  1. Natural disasters have always happened and we just get in the way of them happening. So they are neither good or bad.
  2. Natural disasters aren’t always bad as some trees need to get burnt so that they can produce seedling for the new plant.

1 wonder I still have is:

  1. How science can help with any natural disasters.

Section 2

The most important thing that I learnt is that not all natural disasters are ‘bad’. I learnt that through examining information and seeing if I needed it or not. I am going to share this information with my family.

Assessment matrix

I went well with the question matrix because I generated 4 questions that were informative and I also clearly understand the use of the question matrix.

My information report has facts about the topic, an introduction with a statement to classify the subject and a conclusion.

My first paragraph introduces the topic and all of my paragraphs have a topic sentence. All of my paragraphs describe aspects of the topic and have ideas with supporting details. My paragraphs all have varied sentence beginnings and I have used different sentences like simple, complex and compound.

My information text has a use of headings and sub headings to divide and clarify. My information text included a glossary and a bibliography.

My diagram was pencil drawn with simple clean lines. I also added a picture off the internet with a caption.

My systems analysis identified a volcanic eruption as a system it also states all of the parts and how they work. I changed my systems analysis to see what would happen and made a conclusion about how it made changes in the system. I made conclusions about how the parts in my systems analysis interrelate and I also compared it to another system.