The cold water hit me like a slap in the face.the water rushed in my two sizes to big wet suit. I breathed quickly through my snorkel but soon got my breath under control. I struck out with my fins and glided along the water’s surface seeing 3 fish swimming between pieces of rock and corral. I started to follow them but they split up so I ended up following the triangular shaped one. I followed it until it went into  five meter deep water. In my opinion snorkelling was the best thing to do at cape bridge water coastal camp.


This article was about the 75th anniversary of the Darwin bombing in the Second World War.

Three facts I learnt are that on the 19th of February 1942 Darwin was bombed by the Japanese forces. 188 Japanese fighter planes took part in the first attack and a second attack soon followed and lastly that the two air raids killed 235 people and wounded around 400 more.

I understand that Australia was part of the allies fighting the axis powers in World War 2. But I don’t know why the allies were fighting the axis.

I also understand that it was in 1941 that the Darwin authorities started to worry about the Japanese invading Australia.

But I still want to know why only Darwin was bombed.

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Letter to Libby

Hi Libby,

I started school in 2010 and I had Claire as my teacher. I also have two little sisters called Jennifer and Claire. Jennifer is in year 3 and Claire is in 4 year old kinder. Currently my favourite things to do are reading and playing Lego. I am very good at making my own designs in Lego. I am good at sport and am doing taekwondo and swimming.

On the holidays I went to the beach at my oma’s holiday house in blairgowrie. It was very fun and we went out in our kayak really far about up to 30 – 60 meters in depth. We also went to Naracoorte for a funeral and also went adventure caving we went into a place called “the slot” where a boy called Oliver got stuck a few years ago the guides and management had to call the police and the ambulance, eventually he got out but he was stuck there for 5 hours. At blairgowrie we went on a drive to fort Nepean and learnt lots of new things about the first and second wold war.

Here in a link to a site about fort Nepean