Video reflection about Anh Doh’s experience as a refugee from Vietnam

Anh Doh came to Australia by boat when he was 2 years old. The boat trip took 5 days and they got rescued by a German ship. But to get on the other ship they had to bash a hole in their boat so that they could be rescued by the German ship because the Vietnamese refugee’s boat was sinking.

When Anh Doh came to Australia he landed in a port in Sydney. Anh Doh’s uncle was a landmine clearer in the Vietnam war.

A question I have is why the Vietnamese refugees had to sink the boat that they were on?

100WC #26

It wasn’t until I did my science project about ants that I realised how fascinating they were. For example did you know that the common American field ant can withstand pressures up to 5,000 times greater than its own body weight? Or that ants are as old a the dinosaurs? As I found this information I wondered that how can something so tiny do so many cool things? I also found out that ants can hold their breath for 24 hours? And that ants have two stomachs? When I finished doing the project I wanted to know a lot more about ants.

BTN Federation explained

3 facts are that on 1 January 1901 all the states officially joined together to make one country: the Commonwealth of Australia, northern territory and the ACT were added later and women couldn’t vote until 1902.

2 understandings I now know are that aboriginals couldn’t vote until 1962 and weren’t counted as part of Australia’s population until 1971.

1 question I have is if the Dutch had stayed in Tasmania could we be speaking dutch right now?

100WC #25

It was time for the race. I was at the starting line getting ready for my first win in my whole life. Not coming last. The whistle blew. I ran forward and was first to start, but not for long, the other kids were right behind me, I pushed with all my strength but all the other kids passed me. I was last. I kept going trying to get passed but found I couldn’t. I had nearly finished and was going to walk the last bit. I heard a sound behind me and looked. I saw someone else, I felt so happy. I wasn’t last.

viewing reflection

Some tings I got out of this reflection are that two soldiers thought that being a convict would be better than being a soldier. They got sentenced 7 years hard labour in chains and transportation.

A question I have is what disease did spud have and if it was contagious?

100WC #24

It was my great grand father that found them first. He was walking in the park one day when he saw five small concrete bumps poking out of the ground around a tree, four on one side one on the other. In the days that passed they grew millimetre by millimetre out of the ground. 90 years later the fingers are now close to becoming a whole hand. Looking at the fingers now I start to wonder if the fingers will become a hand and if the hand will become and arm and if eventually it will become a whole body.

100WC #23

I discovered the remarkable black cat at new years eve. It was lying on the doorstep asleep as I arrived home late from partying at a friends house. I gingerly picked it up and took it inside.I lay it close to the fire because it looked half frozen. I got my hot water bottle from the cupboard and filled it with hot water then went to bed. In the morning I woke up and went downstairs to check the cat, I picked it up and examined it closely, it was however not black but yellow. And that’s the story of how I met my cat.

BTN First Fleet and My Place video

Three facts I learnt are that captain cook claimed new south wales for England in 1770 and that around about 20 out of 700 convicts would not survive the trip. I also learnt that aboriginals thought of cows as beasts.

Two understandings that I understand are that you could be hanged for stealing bread and that lots of kids who weren’t earning enough took to thievery.

One question that I have is why were England’s laws in the 1700’s so harsh?