100WC #25

It was time for the race. I was at the starting line getting ready for my first win in my whole life. Not coming last. The whistle blew. I ran forward and was first to start, but not for long, the other kids were right behind me, I pushed with all my strength but all the other kids passed me. I was last. I kept going trying to get passed but found I couldn’t. I had nearly finished and was going to walk the last bit. I heard a sound behind me and looked. I saw someone else, I felt so happy. I wasn’t last.

3 thoughts on “100WC #25

  1. Hi Roy
    I really liked how you described how you were ‘pulling with strength’ it said a lot about what you were trying to do.
    You could have aid how you were feeling because I didn’t know if you were nervous or excited.
    I also liked how you said how you felt after the race.

  2. I loved how you got straight into the action nothing is more exciting than a race! but maybe you could have added something more to the story to make it more interesting.

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