3 facts I have are that Pluto is smaller than our moon. Pluto was named a dwarf planet because it was too small. A group of scientists think that instead of having 9 planets we should have 110!

2 understandings I have are that the scientists think that a planet should be called a planet because of  the characteristics or texture of the planet. If Pluto is made a planet again then we shall have to learn lots more names of all the new 102 planets!

A question I have is why were so many people sad when Pluto was made a dwarf planet?

100WC #29

My head pounded as I drew one more rattling breath. I was so thirsty that I felt as if any second I would die. Then I saw the most wonderful thing in the world. Right there. A small droplet of water on a leaf that had yet to be dried up by the sun. I slowly walked over to the leaf and began drinking. It felt so nice to feel the water trickle down the back of my throat. I drank my fill then went to get my friends and tell them about the lovely drops of water.


Bob was not happy. Even though his soldiers were marching to take over another world rich with gold he was still not happy. It was to slow to take over every world that Bob knew, one by one so Bob got his best scientists to work on a cloning machine. 3 months later… Bob was sitting on his throne when the lead scientist walked up to him “my lord” he said “I might have done it”. “Well done” said Bob in reply. “Let me see it”. As they entered the room Bob’s eyes widened. It was absolutely enormous and had blue lightning crackling all around it.