Three facts I have are that weedy seadragons are native to Australia and can be found in the waters mostly off the South and East coasts. Researchers researching weedy sea dragons are using a kind of facial recognition software to identify each fishes’ unique patterns! Every time researchers  identify a new weedy seadragon, they give it a very appropriate name to help keep track of it!

Two understandings I have are that weedy sea dragons are related to sea horses and often just drift about in the water, blending in with the kelp around them. Right now weedy sea dragons are classified as ‘near threatened’ but scientists that are researching the topic think that they might have to be re-classified as ‘endangered’. Rising sea temperatures is the thing that is killing the kelp which leaves weedy sea dragons homeless.

A question I have is how long have weedy seadragons been around for?

100WC #32

My goal is to create the 100WC based on mind reading or “mind messages”. I got the idea from one of the books I am reading right now.

I was getting tired of buying hamburgers for the wall with the paper mache hands, all it wanted to eat and all it ate was gigantic hamburgers. Even though the wall had no mouth it still shoved the hamburger into the space near the roof of the building. Some how it also managed to speak inside your head and it always said “give me more hamburgers, or else…” So, as always, I went to the nearest fast food place and bought another one hundred hamburgers, ninety – nine to freeze and one for the hands in the wall.


Three facts I have are that the mother Tasmanian devil gives birth to about 30 joeys. But the mother has only four teats so usually only four of the joeys make it. It was believed that Tasmanian devils died out across mainland Australia about 400 years ago.

Two understandings that I have are Tasmanian devils’ population has been cut by more than 80% and they’ve made it onto the endangered species list because of a disease called the Devil Facial Tumour Disease.The disease is a special type of cancer because it is contagious. And that because the tumours build up around the animal’s face and mouth it can’t eat and it starves to death. Once a devil gets it, the devil usually only has about six months to live.

A question I have is why are Tasmanian devil mothers less pregnant in captivity?


My goal is to write thing in dramatic way.

It was close. The ORANGE CROCODILE was making it’s way slowly over the COLLAPSED wall and I would soon be WITHIN the crocodile’s eyesight. I crept slowly in a WIDE circle around the crocodile. Then began to start to run towards the entrance of the old, broken and falling down castle. As I quickly moved to the door but a bit of wood tripped me up so that I went flying to the floor. The crocodile heard me and turned around. I saw the crocodile move towards me again and then I turned on heel and fled the castle via the door.


Three facts I have are that the internet can be traced back to the 1960’s in the US. In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee created a system used for sharing information on the internet and that around 3.2 billion people around the world use the internet.


Two understandings I have are that when you send a picture overseas firstly it turns into about a million pieces, then sent to the other end where the picture stitches itself back up.

Most of the cables that connect the internet are under the sea rather than using satellites, because the cables are more reliable to use.

A question I have is that why would the entire world depend on only the cables under the sea for the internet and not have a backup way?

100WC #30 …I just couldn’t eat something so…

“MUM” I yelled as soon as I got home. “What are we having for dinner?”

“Come over here and you will see!” She shouted back.

“Fine” I mumbled and slung my bag into my room on my way to the kitchen. And then my eyes fell upon the slop the mum was making “AHHHHH MY EYES”. It was so horrible my eyes were burning in the sockets ,the pain was unimaginable.

“Time to eat” my mother called as she set it upon the table. I just couldn’t eat something so horrible that I puked right then and there and ran off to my room.


Three facts I have are one in every three Australian citizens will need donated blood at some stage in their lives. That there are about five litres of blood in the human body and once the blood is in the hospital the blood can be used for 22 different medical purposes.

Two understandings I now have are that there are two different types of blood; plasma and platelets. Half a litre of blood can save three lives.

A question I have is that are there any more types of blood?


3 facts I have are that Kim Jong-un is the leader of North Korea. North Korea has 10 nuclear bombs. The united states and Russia both have about 7000 nuclear bombs.

2 understandings I have are that North Korea has a long history of threats and that the U.S. and Australia have been allies since World War 2.

A question I have is why have North Korea made false claims to weapons in the past?

100WC from prompts made by Antony

My goal is to add dialog to my writing.

It was the best time of the day. Dinner time. Toady hopped into the kitchen and his nose almost dropped off. “What are you making”? Toady asked his dad as the slime dropped through the sieve into the bowl.

“This year I am going to enter the smelliest smell competition” Toady’s dad said proudly. “And I am going to win it!”

“Dad” Toady coughed “Can you do this somewhere else”

Toady’s dad looked up from his work and said “why?”

“Because it stinks!” Toady cried.

“Exactly” said his dad.

“But what are we going to have for dinner?” said Toady.