Three facts I have are that weedy seadragons are native to Australia and can be found in the waters mostly off the South and East coasts. Researchers researching weedy sea dragons are using a kind of facial recognition software to identify each fishes’ unique patterns! Every time researchers  identify a new weedy seadragon, they give it a very appropriate name to help keep track of it!

Two understandings I have are that weedy sea dragons are related to sea horses and often just drift about in the water, blending in with the kelp around them. Right now weedy sea dragons are classified as ‘near threatened’ but scientists that are researching the topic think that they might have to be re-classified as ‘endangered’. Rising sea temperatures is the thing that is killing the kelp which leaves weedy sea dragons homeless.

A question I have is how long have weedy seadragons been around for?

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