Three facts I have are that Aberfoyle Park High School is the first school in the country to be registered as a game developer under it’s own name, Python is a coding language and that the school has 7 registered games that anyone in the world can play.

Two understandings I have are that coding at a young age will help you understand what It is when you need to use it and coding is using different letters or blocks to make something happen on a digital object.

A question I have is that how many coding websites are there and which one is the easiest?

100WC #10 …but where would we hide it all?…

It was glinting in the torchlight. All those chocolates just waiting there for me to take. But then I realised the most obvious question where would we hide it all? Then the answer came to me I could hide it under my bed! I stuffed it down my shirt and sneaked out the door and into my room. Now, have you seen my room? Have you seen my bed? Well if you have multiply that mess by 24 and that is how messy underneath my bed is. I reached under my bed and felt a spider. Do you want to know how much I hate spiders?

100WC#8 flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

Today was the day. It was the day that we were waiting for, we had celebrated on the beach last night, going swimming and watching the flames crackle in the fire. Because tomorrow we were going to the snow! Now let me tell you about snow, snow is a white glistening wonderland where you can ski down slopes and snowboard down mountains. You can sleep on bunks in your lodge and have hot chocolates every day. The snow is where you can have the most epic snowball fights of your lifetime. That is why I love going to the snow.