100WC #47

Big foot, Sasquatch, yeti, abominable snowman all names for a big monster that lives “unknown” to humans. Only a few people have ever come into contact with these beasts and even then they are not sure that they know they are real. My name is Bob Jeffery Jimmy Jones AKA BJJJ and I hope to be the journalist to reveal the truth in the Bigfoot mystery. An advantage I have that other reporters don’t, is that Bigfoot visited my town . . . yesterday. Tonight I decided to get on Bigfoot’s trail. Something moved in the darkness but then I lost consciousness.

100WC#46 … then suddenly it went dark…

I was playing video games on my computer, then suddenly it went darkmy computer’s screen went dark, MY COMPUTER’S SCREEN WENT DARK!!!!! Do you know what happens when my computer screen goes dark?!? Well the computer tends to delete every thing on the HARD DRIVE!!! I know this because it has happened to me, 17 times! Every single one of those times I had to restart my computer and start again!!! Uploading all the games and all the apps and redoing all the homework that was a work-in-progress. And that is why I really hate it when my computers screen goes DARK!!!

100WC #44

It was minus 7° on the ice breaker,  I was ready to go to observe seals in their natural habitat, Antarctica. All of a sudden I heard a very weird noise, kind of like a sheep baaing,  curiously I went around to the other side of the ship to see what was making the really weird noise. As I got there I realised that a few of the other crew had heard the sound as well and had come to have a look. I went to the edge of the railing and looked onto the rocks. Sitting there was a seal, laughing.


100WC #43 Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin

I woke up to the sound of my sister’s really annoying scarlet violin. I propped myself up on my cushion and got out of bed. I opened the window next to my bed and watered my yellow tulips and red roses hanging in the flower box off my window sill. After I had finished watering my flowers I found myself looking at the sky. I saw lots of dark grey clouds moving across the sky. I reached out of the window and felt some drops of water on my hand. I quickly shut the window and went to tell my family.

100WC #42 …but then the flash made me…

I was walking into the bank when a person carrying a briefcase pushed past me and went to the toilets. I didn’t realize it’s significance until I was getting money out of the ATM. The same man went past me and soon after he left I realized that he had left his briefcase behind. I started to follow him but then the flash made me stop and blink my eyes a few times. Then I suddenly realized that the bomb was in the briefcase and that was why the man moved so quickly to get out of the bank.

100WC #41 …when all of a sudden…

I was walking on the sidewalk minding my own business when all of a sudden a man ran past me carrying a briefcase. Behind me a woman shouted “help me, that man just stole my briefcase!” I quickly shot out my arm to grab the thief but just missed, luckily another guy who was further up the street caught the thief with his arm. So I ran to help him contain the thief until the police arrived. After the police had left the woman then thanked me and the other man and then went on her way and we went on ours.

100WC #40

I was hiding in the bushes when the ride operator got the wire cutters out of his back pocket. He cut the horse’s free. My hunch had been correct, the horses had moved when I saw them at lunch time having a break from all the children riding on them. After the ride operator cut them all loose they all whinnied to each other and ran across the field to the river that was down there. They were soon out of sight of my hiding place so I moved quickly through the bushes to pursue them further.

100WC #33

My goal is to have a cliff hanger at the end of the 100WC.

It was a dark and stormy night when I finally got home. Suddenly, I was stopped by the fabled sixth sense, I turned my body to look at the the castle on the hill next to my house. In the flash of lightening I saw that someone was standing there in the doorway of the castle looking back at me. I shook myself, turned back to the door and went inside. As soon as I walked inside I realised that all the pictures in the house showed the same picture – a person standing in the doorway of a castle. It was so weird that…

100WC #32

My goal is to create the 100WC based on mind reading or “mind messages”. I got the idea from one of the books I am reading right now.

I was getting tired of buying hamburgers for the wall with the paper mache hands, all it wanted to eat and all it ate was gigantic hamburgers. Even though the wall had no mouth it still shoved the hamburger into the space near the roof of the building. Some how it also managed to speak inside your head and it always said “give me more hamburgers, or else…” So, as always, I went to the nearest fast food place and bought another one hundred hamburgers, ninety – nine to freeze and one for the hands in the wall.


My goal is to write thing in dramatic way.

It was close. The ORANGE CROCODILE was making it’s way slowly over the COLLAPSED wall and I would soon be WITHIN the crocodile’s eyesight. I crept slowly in a WIDE circle around the crocodile. Then began to start to run towards the entrance of the old, broken and falling down castle. As I quickly moved to the door but a bit of wood tripped me up so that I went flying to the floor. The crocodile heard me and turned around. I saw the crocodile move towards me again and then I turned on heel and fled the castle via the door.