100WC #30 …I just couldn’t eat something so…

“MUM” I yelled as soon as I got home. “What are we having for dinner?”

“Come over here and you will see!” She shouted back.

“Fine” I mumbled and slung my bag into my room on my way to the kitchen. And then my eyes fell upon the slop the mum was making “AHHHHH MY EYES”. It was so horrible my eyes were burning in the sockets ,the pain was unimaginable.

“Time to eat” my mother called as she set it upon the table. I just couldn’t eat something so horrible that I puked right then and there and ran off to my room.

100WC from prompts made by Antony

My goal is to add dialog to my writing.

It was the best time of the day. Dinner time. Toady hopped into the kitchen and his nose almost dropped off. “What are you making”? Toady asked his dad as the slime dropped through the sieve into the bowl.

“This year I am going to enter the smelliest smell competition” Toady’s dad said proudly. “And I am going to win it!”

“Dad” Toady coughed “Can you do this somewhere else”

Toady’s dad looked up from his work and said “why?”

“Because it stinks!” Toady cried.

“Exactly” said his dad.

“But what are we going to have for dinner?” said Toady.


100WC #29

My head pounded as I drew one more rattling breath. I was so thirsty that I felt as if any second I would die. Then I saw the most wonderful thing in the world. Right there. A small droplet of water on a leaf that had yet to be dried up by the sun. I slowly walked over to the leaf and began drinking. It felt so nice to feel the water trickle down the back of my throat. I drank my fill then went to get my friends and tell them about the lovely drops of water.


Bob was not happy. Even though his soldiers were marching to take over another world rich with gold he was still not happy. It was to slow to take over every world that Bob knew, one by one so Bob got his best scientists to work on a cloning machine. 3 months later… Bob was sitting on his throne when the lead scientist walked up to him “my lord” he said “I might have done it”. “Well done” said Bob in reply. “Let me see it”. As they entered the room Bob’s eyes widened. It was absolutely enormous and had blue lightning crackling all around it.

100WC #26

It wasn’t until I did my science project about ants that I realised how fascinating they were. For example did you know that the common American field ant can withstand pressures up to 5,000 times greater than its own body weight? Or that ants are as old a the dinosaurs? As I found this information I wondered that how can something so tiny do so many cool things? I also found out that ants can hold their breath for 24 hours? And that ants have two stomachs? When I finished doing the project I wanted to know a lot more about ants.

100WC #25

It was time for the race. I was at the starting line getting ready for my first win in my whole life. Not coming last. The whistle blew. I ran forward and was first to start, but not for long, the other kids were right behind me, I pushed with all my strength but all the other kids passed me. I was last. I kept going trying to get passed but found I couldn’t. I had nearly finished and was going to walk the last bit. I heard a sound behind me and looked. I saw someone else, I felt so happy. I wasn’t last.

100WC #24

It was my great grand father that found them first. He was walking in the park one day when he saw five small concrete bumps poking out of the ground around a tree, four on one side one on the other. In the days that passed they grew millimetre by millimetre out of the ground. 90 years later the fingers are now close to becoming a whole hand. Looking at the fingers now I start to wonder if the fingers will become a hand and if the hand will become and arm and if eventually it will become a whole body.

100WC #23

I discovered the remarkable black cat at new years eve. It was lying on the doorstep asleep as I arrived home late from partying at a friends house. I gingerly picked it up and took it inside.I lay it close to the fire because it looked half frozen. I got my hot water bottle from the cupboard and filled it with hot water then went to bed. In the morning I woke up and went downstairs to check the cat, I picked it up and examined it closely, it was however not black but yellow. And that’s the story of how I met my cat.


The cold water hit me like a slap in the face.the water rushed in my two sizes to big wet suit. I breathed quickly through my snorkel but soon got my breath under control. I struck out with my fins and glided along the water’s surface seeing 3 fish swimming between pieces of rock and corral. I started to follow them but they split up so I ended up following the triangular shaped one. I followed it until it went into  five meter deep water. In my opinion snorkelling was the best thing to do at cape bridge water coastal camp.

100WC #1 (joined by the USA and UK)

The race was about to start. All the racers were at the starting line. Bang! Went the starting gun and all the racers went off at 8 kilometres per hour! “Well what a start”. I thought. It was a good start for a 50 kilometre walk. Half an hour later I was down to 5 kilometres per hour and I was 17th out of 30 people. So I was going pretty well so far then suddenly I felt a burst of speed and moved forward to grab some sponges wring them out on my head. Soon enough there was another burst of speed and I came 15th!

My goal was to add things about the Olympics into my writing.