Three facts I have are that Aberfoyle Park High School is the first school in the country to be registered as a game developer under it’s own name, Python is a coding language and that the school has 7 registered games that anyone in the world can play.

Two understandings I have are that coding at a young age will help you understand what It is when you need to use it and coding is using different letters or blocks to make something happen on a digital object.

A question I have is that how many coding websites are there and which one is the easiest?

100WC #7 …as the door slammed, I knew…

Bang, Bang, Bang. “Keep going, knock the door down”. “Crash” went the door as it fell down. “Go, go, go,  go, take him alive boys” I shouted. As the last of my SWAT team went into the gangster’s hide out, I went in as well and found the gangster tied to a chair in his laundry. “Please, I just need to get one more thing from the living room” he pleaded. “Okay, but be quick because you’re going to jail”. I said as he left the room, but as the door slammed, I knew he had escaped us.


3 facts I have are that Kim Jong-un is the leader of North Korea. North Korea has 10 nuclear bombs. The united states and Russia both have about 7000 nuclear bombs.

2 understandings I have are that North Korea has a long history of threats and that the U.S. and Australia have been allies since World War 2.

A question I have is why have North Korea made false claims to weapons in the past?

Letter to Libby

Hi Libby,

I started school in 2010 and I had Claire as my teacher. I also have two little sisters called Jennifer and Claire. Jennifer is in year 3 and Claire is in 4 year old kinder. Currently my favourite things to do are reading and playing Lego. I am very good at making my own designs in Lego. I am good at sport and am doing taekwondo and swimming.

On the holidays I went to the beach at my oma’s holiday house in blairgowrie. It was very fun and we went out in our kayak really far about up to 30 – 60 meters in depth. We also went to Naracoorte for a funeral and also went adventure caving we went into a place called “the slot” where a boy called Oliver got stuck a few years ago the guides and management had to call the police and the ambulance, eventually he got out but he was stuck there for 5 hours. At blairgowrie we went on a drive to fort Nepean and learnt lots of new things about the first and second wold war.

Here in a link to a site about fort Nepean

Online webinar

3. Possible ways that people can hack you e.g. pop ups, emails, phone. Possible ways you can report e.g. acorn, scam watch. How to protect yourself e.g. blocking, emoji passwords, two factor authenticity.

2.  Create more secure passwords.Look out for scam emails.

  1. Shown how to do stuff on different social media.


BTN – The ancient study of astronomy

3 facts-

  1. Babylon was a city-town located near the modern day Baghdad.
  2. The Maya were a group of Mesoamerican Indians.
  3. Ptolemy created the Ptolemaic system.

2 understandings-

  1. Modern astronomy owes a great deal to ancient people.
  2. Babylon was the birth place of one of the earliest forms of horoscopic astronomy.

1 question-

  1. How did Hipparchus discover the precession of the equinoxes?


3 facts-

  1. At the height of the Second World War the HMAS Sydney set out for home after protecting troop ships around Asia.
  2. 200 kilometres from Western Australia the Sydney was attacked by a German ship called the Kormoran.
  3.  Both shipwrecks are 2,500 metres below the surface of the sea.

2 understandings-

  1. Both ships were sunk and more than 700 men died. It was, and still is, the worst naval disaster in Australian history.
  2. For almost 70 years the Sydney and the Kormoran lay undiscovered somewhere in the Indian Ocean, until 2008.

1 question-

  1. Why did Pawsey Supercomputing Centre create Magnus the giant super computer in the first place?


BTN Violent Toys

3 facts-

  1. 30 years after Lego was first introduced, Lego weapons were introduced into a castle set.
  2. A recent study found 30% of all Lego kits contain weapons like swords, guns and lightsabers.
  3. 40% of pages in Lego catalogues show violent or threatening behaviour.

2 understandings-

  1. A new study has found Lego has become increasingly violent over its 67 year history. Researchers say more sets now include weapons or characters in situations that are more war-like than in the past.
  2. Not all experts agree that kids who play with violent toys or games are likely to behave aggressively.

1 question-

  1. In this transcript why is the BTN directing it all on Lego not other games?


3 facts-

  1. Not all Aussie school kids are lucky enough to have a space to play.
  2. Marrickville Primary School wanted a change so they decided to enter the My Park Rules competition.
  3. Around 100 schools around Australia entered the competition.

2 understandings-

  1. For over 40 weeks a year the locals are attempting to play on Singleton Oval. But they can’t because there’s no grass.
  2. The My Park Rules competition asked kids around the country to design their ultimate play area. Now their dreams are going to become a reality.

1 question-

  1. why was only one school chosen why not two?